Where one healthy choice spirals into another.

Fitness comes from several seemingly insignificant changes in behavior and lifestyle that add up to a new you, inside and out. Join a class or work individually with Amy in her private gym near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Individual and group programs are designed for success as we look together at lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, injury recovery and prevention, strength, flexibility, balance, agility, and cardio-fitness.

"Its so rewarding to watch someone's body change to a leaner, more energetic version of themselves." -Amy, founder of SpiralPursuits

Amys Philosophy on Wellness:

Slowly making permanent changes is my approach to healthy eating habits. Amy will look at what you eat and begin adjusting to met your goals.

Muscular imbalances occur in every body type, Amys training sets out to help find and correct these imbalances in your body.

Cardiovascular Fitness-
Cardiovascular training begins where you are. Amy will push you our of your comfort zone while keeping you and your body safe. This technique will build up cardio strength that can last a lifetime.

There are several approaches to achieve flexibility. Amy uses semi-permanent lengthening of muscles to keep you stretching for optimal flexibilty in your body.

Amy believes that balance is the key to achieving overall fitness, especially as we get older. Amy uses many creative and varied techinques to train balance. So much fun you will think you are playing. 

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